Allowing Members to Join a Dataset

Building Hosted Recipient Queries

Character Sets
Comma Separated Files
    Hosted LISTSERV Lists
    Hosted Recipient Lists
    Lookup Tables
    Recipient Datasets
    Recipient Target Groups
Creating Hosted LISTSERV Lists
Creating Hosted Recipient Lists
    Membership Area Header/Footer
    Selecting a Subscriber Page
    The Subscriber Access Web Pages

Data Administration
    External DB Requirements
    Hosted Data Requirements
    Role of the Data Administrator
Database Accessed
Dataset Organization

    Lookup Table
    Recipient Datasets

    Automatic Type Conversion
    Date and Time Patterns


Hosted Data
Hosted Lists
    sending mail to
Hosted LISTSERV Lists
    Creating Announcement Lists
    Creating Moderated Discussion Lists
    Creating Unmoderated Discussion Lists
Hosted Mailing Lists
Hosted Recipient List Target Groups
Hosted Recipient Lists
    Hosted Recipient List Definition Wizard
Hosted Recipient Queries
    Combination Operator Nodes
    Editing the Condition Tree
    Formulas in Conditions
    Job Based Condition Nodes
    Normal Condition Nodes
    Parameters in Conditions

International Character Sets

Joining a Membership Area

List Subscribers

Maintaining Dataset Members

Organizing Datasets

    Fixed SQL Statements
    Parameter Placeholders
    Parameterized SQL Statements

Recipient Datasets
Recipient Target Groups
    selecting the type
    using in the Recipients wizard
    using the wizard
Recipient Warehouse
    Creating a New Dataset
    Creating Lookup Tables
    Editing Lookup Tables
    Editing Recipient Datasets

Sending Mail to Hosted Lists
Subscriber Access Web Pages
Subscribing to a List
    from a List URL
    from the Membership Area

Target Group Definition Wizard
Target Groups
    based on Uploaded Text Files
    Classic LISTSSERV Lists
    from a DB accessed by LISTSERV
    from a DB accessed by LISTSERV Maestro
    Hosted Recipient Lists
Team Collaboration

Uploading Members

What’s New
    Automatic Bounce Processing
    Customization Wizard
    DomainKeys Signing
    Flexible Dataset Administration
    LUI Admin Account
    Refreshing the Subscriber Page Translations
    Resource Translation Tool
    Shared Subscriber Management and Reporting
    Subscriber Options
    System Support Enhancements
    Tacking Restrictions
    Tracking Links in Drop-Ins