1. Distribution postponed because list is held

2. Difference between HELD and LOCKED lists

3. ADD command with really long address fails

4. Subscriber is "served out"

5. List owner can't post to list

6. "Send= Private" and subscriber can't post; or "Send= Editor,..." and editor/moderator can't post

7. How to get rid of generic "welcome" message when using WELCOME file

8. How to edit list archive notebooks (i.e., to remove spam, virus, etc.)

9. How do I find out how many subscribers are on my list?

10. How do I break down the subscriber count by country?

11. How can I find out the date people subscribed to the list?

12. The STATS listname command doesn't work!

13. Mail posted to a list rejected because "Sender:, From:, or Reply-To: header pointing to the list has been found in mail body"

14. Postings to lists using Japanese two-byte character sets are mangled

15. Can I send attachments to my lists?

16. Can I strip attachments from list postings, or reject messages with attachments?

17. Out of office autoresponses from list mail are driving me and my subscribers nuts!

18. List is held with "incomplete copy of message might be present in archive file" error

19. Can I stop people from unsubscribing from my list?

20. Can I send HTML messages through my list?

21. Topics limit questions

22. "On behalf of" in the From: field

23. How to put an unsubscribe link at the bottom of all postings?

24. Gmail subscribers report that they cannot receive copies of their own posts, even if they are set to REPRO.

25. Can I prevent recipients from replying to list postings?

26. On a moderated list, can I disable automated messages informing the sender that their message has been submitted to the moderator?

27. List messages received by Office 365 users contain "failed fraud detection" warnings.

28. Can a list message be "recalled"?

29. Problem with hyperlinks at bottom of message being clickable anywhere in message

30. In 17.0 web interface, where is "Bulk Operations"?

31. In the web interface List Configuration wizard, some options do not appear.

Tutorial: Editing List Archives

1. Why Delete or Edit Notebook Logs?

2. The Commands You Will Use

3. Deleting Notebook Logs

3.1 Permanently Deleting Notebook Logs

3.2 A Temporary Alternative to Deletion

4. Editing Notebook Log Contents

4.1 Correct Notebook Log Format

4.2 Editing via Reply-To or Forwarding Mail

4.3 Editing via Exporting or Importing Mail

4.4 Deleting single messages via the Web Interface