Permanently deleting a notebook log in its entirety is quite easy. You simply send to the Command Address

INDEX listname

to receive a listing of all notebook log files available for your list and simply send the following PUT command to the Command Address

<insert blank line here>

where LOGYYMMW corresponds to the notebook log that you wish to delete. If your list has monthly archives the name of the notebook log would be in the format LOGYYMM.

NOTE: Do not delete your current notebook log. That one is still being written to by the list.

The PUT command with the subsequent blank line will delete both the notebook log contents and its "entry" (i.e., name) in the List Archives. Because the entry is gone, you will not be able to PUT a backup of the notebook log back to the server (assuming you had retrieved one before the deletion with a GET command.) You would need assistance from the LISTSERV Site Manager to create the entry for a notebook log that was deleted.. Depending upon the support level at your LISTSERV site, this assistance may or may not be available. If you are not absolutely certain that you wish to permanently delete a notebook log from the archives you may wish to use the alternative in Section 3.2.