If you are not completely decided about whether to delete a notebook log in its entirety or just to edit the notebook log, it is recommended that you PUT back to the server a temporary edited version rather than deleting the entire log entry. This method may be particularly helpful if your list has exceeded quota and although you wish to increase your archive storage, you cannot get in touch with the LISTSERV Site Manager very quickly. (For example - after hours or on the weekend.)

Specifically, send the command

INDEX listname

to receive of list of notebook logs. Then send


to retrieve a notebook log locally. Save a copy for backup (this step is essential!) on your local system. Store a temporary notebook log back to the server by using the PUT command with "temporary" text following the command line. For example,

This is a temporary notebook log.

NOTE: There must be no blank lines between the PUT command and the beginning of the temporary notebook log contents. Furthermore, you cannot use a file attachment. Otherwise you will delete the entry for this notebook log and defeat the purpose of this alternative. See examples.

If applicable, you can FREE listname to continue list processing and when archive space is increased, you can PUT the original notebook back to the server by sending the command

<insert original backup notebook log here in proper format >

This alternative method will undoubtedly re-claim archive space and allow you to keep your options open.