This tutorial details procedures for deleting and editing list notebook logs. Deleting notebook logs is very straightforward. Editing notebook logs is a more advanced technique and should only be done after you have built your skills and feel confident as a List Owner.

Note that the deletion and editing of individual notebook logs does not affect the operation of the archive facility. It is the List Header keyword Notebook= that controls whether messages posted to the list are archived or not.

1. Why Delete or Edit Notebook Logs?
2. The Commands You Will Use
3. Deleting Notebook Logs

3.1 Permanently Deleting Notebook Logs
3.2 A Temporary Alternative to Deletion

4. Editing Notebook Log Contents

4.1 Correct Notebook Log Format
4.2 Editing via Reply-to or Forwarding Mail
4.3 Editing via Exporting and Importing Mail
4.4. Deleting single messages via the Web Interface