Issue the command:


(be sure that there is a space between "BY" and "COUNTRY").

Note the following:

  • Country is determined by the top-level domain found in the subscriber's address. Thus (for instance) German AOL users who have AOL.COM addresses will be counted as USA users. Some Canadian universities still have .EDU domains instead of .EDU.CA domains, and will also be counted as USA users. Many overseas organizations still use the .ORG domain.  There is no way for LISTSERV to determine that a user whose address is in a given top-level domain is actually living in a country other than the one pointed to by that top-level domain.
  • Users set to the "CONCEAL" option are not counted in the by-country user count.
  • If the output shows a "???" count at the bottom, this indicates that your server's COUNTRY FILE is not up to date and that new top-level domains have been added that LISTSERV is not aware of. Contact your LISTSERV administrator if this is a major issue.
  • If you omit the "SHORT" option from the command, LISTSERV will send you a list showing all users who are not set to the "CONCEAL" option grouped by country.