Some e-mail programs will allow you to reply to the results of your GET listname LOGYYMMW command and quote the original message, therefore allowing you to edit it. However, in many instances, the reply feature of mail programs will place a > symbol in front of quoted text. This > would then show up in the edited version of your archive which is most likely unacceptable to you. Some mail programs, however, will quote replies (or sometimes forwarded e-mail) without the > in front of the original text.

Some people will think that the "Redirect" feature of the Eudora email program can avoid this. Unfortunately it cannot be used because it produces a non-standard From: address that will be rejected by LISTSERV.  (Since very few people are likely still using Eudora, this probably isn't a real issue anymore.)

You will wish to investigate the Reply-to and Forward Mail capabilities of your current mail program and perhaps investigate other programs as well. It may be necessary for you to either update the release level of your current mail program, if possible, or obtain another program.