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Your message  dated Sun,  31 Aug  2014 17:00:14  -0400 with  subject "Re:

I have a response for that"  has been submitted  to the moderator  of the

MYLIST-L list: moderator@EXAMPLE.COM.

This can be done by editing the list's mail templates.  Using the web administration interface, go to

List Management > Customization > Mail Templates

  • Use the template search box at right to search for templates named EDITOR
  • Use the pull down of the template selection to select the template named MSG_POSTING_FORWARD_EDITOR.
  • Select and delete all the contents of this template and replace with the single line:


  • Click save/update.  (Note that LISTSERV may automatically insert another line ".CS xxxxxxx".  You can and should ignore this; it's normal under certain circumstances.)

If it is preferred to make this change for all lists on the server, it can be done at the site level (requires Postmaster-level privileges).  Go to

Server Administration > Customization > Mail Templates

and follow the same instructions as above.

Please note carefully:  The site-wide change will affect ONLY lists that do not already have a customized MSG_POSTING_FORWARD_EDITOR template.  If the change is made at the site level and a list continues to send out moderation notifications, be sure to check if the list-level template has been customized before contacting support.