Updating LISTSERV's Networking Tables

LISTSERV's networking tables – BITEARN NODES, INTPEERS NAMES, PEERS NAMES, SERVICE NAMES, and ALIASES NAMES – are updated at various times to reflect changes in the LISTSERV network topology. Under certain circumstances it is possible for sites to receive automatic updates of these files from a central LISTSERV server.

LISTSERV Classic Sites with Unlimited Licenses

Many of these sites may register their servers directly with L-Soft to receive automatic networking table updates. See the LISTSERV Site Registration Form for details and criteria for registration.

DISTRIBUTE-only servers generally have 5-point LAKs and are prohibited from running mailing lists. Such servers are used strictly as campus or enterprise LISTSERV backbone gateways for the domains that they serve. If there is any question as to whether or not you are licensed as a DISTRIBUTE-only site, contact your sales representative.

All other LISTSERV Classic Sites

Please note that due to a change in policy L-Soft no longer registers hosts with graduated licenses (that is to say, licenses with a numeric value of more than zero in the UNITS= line). If you are not sure whether or not you have a graduated LAK, you can find out your current LAK information by issuing a SHOW LICENSE command to LISTSERV.

If you have a large number of points (ie, UNITS >= 30) and a high level of traffic, you may write to support@lsoft.com and request an exception. Note however that a request for an exception does not guarantee that you will receive one.

If your LAK is a graduated LAK and you wanted to register in order to get automatic updates of the LISTSERV networking tables, you should consider one of the following options instead:

Run in STANDALONE mode, by adding the following to your site configuration file, then stopping and restarting LISTSERV:






export RUNMODE

Or, run in TABLELESS mode, by adding the following to your site configuration file, then stopping and restarting LISTSERV:






export RUNMODE

In STANDALONE mode, your server does not use network tables and assumes that it is the only LISTSERV server on the network. Your lists do not show up in the CataList service and your mail is processed locally instead of using DISTRIBUTE and the LISTSERV backbone for off-site deliveries.

In TABLELESS mode your server caches table lookups obtained from a remote site (in this case one of our servers) and is able to use the LISTSERV backbone for deliveries, have its lists show up in CataList, and so forth.

You can also continue to run in NETWORKED mode as long as you update your local tables manually on a regular basis. Tables can be downloaded from: https://ftp.lsoft.com/listserv-data. Please be sure to carefully read and follow the table update instructions found in: https://ftp.lsoft.com/listserv-data/00-READ_BEFORE_DOWNLOADING.TXT if you opt to take this route.

LISTSERV Lite and LISTSERV Shareware (Win32) Sites

LISTSERV Lite and Shareware sites may run only in TABLELESS or STANDALONE modes (LISTSERV Lite/Free Edition may run only in TABLELESS mode). There is no need to register the server in either of these cases.

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