LISTSERV Training Services

Training Services

L-Soft offers comprehensive training services to improve customers' effective and appropriate use of our products and services. Our customized training services help you achieve your objectives quickly and efficiently by streamlining the learning process and eliminating the frustrating trial and error that often accompanies deployment of enterprise software.

Training courses are hands-on with a live instructor and are tailored to meet the needs of your individual organization. Let our trainers and consultants be your partners in achieving your email objectives.

Remote Training

The following list highlights some of the more popular training courses that L-Soft offers remotely. Please consult the Training and Consulting Guide for a full listing of all courses.


3040 LISTSERV List Owner I (Basics)
3042 LISTSERV List Owner III (Advanced) (One-Way Lists)
3080 LISTSERV Site Administrator I (Basics)
3084 LISTSERV Site Administrator V (Advanced)
3085 LISTSERV Site Administrator VI (Analysis & Problem Solving)


10001 Maestro Admin I
10002 Maestro Admin II
10101 Maestro User I
10102 Maestro User II
10201 Maestro Data Admin I
10202 Maestro Data Admin II

No traveling is required to attend these courses, and scheduling can be done on short notice. Most LISTSERV courses are 4-hour courses. LISTSERV Maestro courses are 2-hour sessions.

Training Courses


Remote Training

$1000/4-Hour Course or Two 2-Hour Courses

Training and Consulting Guide

The Training and Consulting Guide is available to download in HTML format. If you have any questions or to request further information about training courses, please contact us.

L-Soft Training

L-Soft Training


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