LISTSERV® Email Lists on Campus

This resource is designed for customers and prospects in education and academia. Simply move your mouse over the various locations on the virtual campus map or on the legend for inspiration and ideas on email list technology use and communication in an educational setting.

Alumni Association
The Alumni Association engages alumni and boosts donations with a sleek, customized alumni newsletter, featuring tailored donor messages, general university news, links to alumni email communities and region-specific reunion invitations, all based on data from the alumni database.
Campus Dining Hall
The Campus Dining Hall simplifies food service operations and builds student loyalty with weekly specials, coupons, pre-order menus and nutritional information, all of which can be personalized easily using LISTSERV Maestro.
Campus Security
Campus Security uses LISTSERV to improve campus safety and emergency preparedness with email alert notifications, which are also available on mobile devices and through continuous RSS feeds.
Career Center
The Career Center uses LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro to prepare students with multimedia career resources to explore different fields, customized job and internship opportunities, as well as online mentoring and career guidance discussion forums.
Performing Arts Center
The Performing Arts Center attracts students and other patrons to events by sharing performance schedules, reminders and access to online ticketing information, using LISTSERV Maestro's integration with existing patron databases.
University Dormitories
The University Dormitories distribute event information and reminders about campus residence hall guidelines. "Roommate 101"-style email support communities with searchable, archived tips help life go more smoothly for new students in residence halls.
Student Health Center
The Student Health Center creates a healthier campus by automating student medical appointment reminders, disseminating updates on recommended screenings and vaccinations as they become available and sharing information on health education and prevention seminars.
Study Abroad Office
The Study Abroad Office connects the international and exchange student community with email discussion lists and introduced a study abroad email newsletter, featuring articles, Q&As, "letters home" and other opportunities for students.
Information Technology Services
IT Services provide internal troubleshooting updates, including server status reports via RSS; disseminate campuswide IT news and technical tips, using click-rate visualization data to instantly determine which links attracted the most attention. In addition, IT Services simplified operations and boosted efficiency of directory services using the full LDAP support that is standard with LISTSERV software.
Department of Athletics
The Department of Athletics uses LISTSERV Maestro for developing targeted newsletters to promote athletic events, boost ticket sales and build fan club membership using the sport preferences of individual subscribers.
Scientific Laboratories
The Scientific Laboratories connect the worldwide community of experts and students with specialized research newsletters that reach and, through advanced tracking and reporting, provide data on the areas of greatest interest. In addition, the laboratories develop email discussion communities for further inquiry and joint collaboration on articles and conference presentations.
Student Union
The Student Union shares information and updates about the clubs, associations, activities, resources and student support services available on campus quickly and easily with attractive HTML newsletter templates.
University Hospital
The University Hospital disseminates to the university and larger medical community key research news and updates via LISTSERV Maestro newsletters and alerts. The University Hospital also strengthens collaborative research networks and expands field-specific research and clinical professional communities using LISTSERV discussion lists.
University Bookstore
The University Bookstore engages customers with email marketing campaigns featuring special offers on merchandise, new book alerts by genre and book signings, athlete visits and other event invitations. LISTSERV Maestro helps to dynamically tailor subscribers' choices to fit their needs.
University Library
The University Library saves library staff and patron time with email orientation guides to using the library. LISTSERV Maestro helps the library send due date reminders and provide customized notifications of new publications based on users' preferences and circulation database information.
University Administration
University Administration uses LISTSERV to connect all faculty and staff on campus, encompassing departmental lists, cross-disciplinary academic discussion lists and a faculty and staff newsletter. Administration staff also use LISTSERV Maestro to send targeted parent newsletters to newly admitted and enrolled students, including tuition bills and payment reminders.
University Classrooms
University professors, instructors and students stay connected with assignments, exams and group projects through class-specific LISTSERV announcement and discussion lists as well as course- and subject-based discussion lists that broaden participation in academic inquiry and debate.
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