LISTSERV Site Registration Form

This form will allow you to submit registration information for LISTSERV to L-Soft. Note that registration is not automatic. All registration requests are verified by humans. This form is for registering licensed LISTSERV Classic and HPO sites only.

Please do not submit this form before reading the requirements for registration below. If your site does not meet the requirements, your site will not be registered.

Requirements for Registration

L-Soft registers only sites that have unlimited (UNITS=0) licenses or sites licensed for DISTRIBUTE-only use, which are running version 1.8d or higher of LISTSERV Classic or LISTSERV HPO.

If you have not yet purchased a license for LISTSERV and are running with an evaluation key (such keys have a line that starts with "SERIAL=EVAL-"), your site does not qualify for registration.

In order to qualify for registration, a LISTSERV site must also:

  • Be readily accessible via the Internet by email from outside users
  • Have a name that is unlikely to change any time soon. For instance, LISTSERV.EXAMPLE.ORG, LISTS.EXAMPLE.EDU, and LSV.EXAMPLE.COM are completely acceptable (although we strongly suggest using "LISTSERV" rather than "LISTS" or "LSV", simply because that is what most users are familiar with), whereas something like A8B703A.CC.EXAMPLE.EDU is not. If you are running a test server that you plan to rename later when it goes into production, do not register the server until it is running under its final name. Note also that a hostname containing "LISTSERVE" is not acceptable.
  • Have an A or MX record in DNS corresponding to the value you place in the NODE section (an A record is recommended at minimum)

If your LISTSERV Classic site does not meet the above criteria, there are other options for keeping your LISTSERV networking tables current (which is the most important reason for registering the software). Click here for information on other ways to obtain table updates.

L-Soft does not register sites running evaluation kits, LISTSERV Lite or LISTSERV Free Edition. Requests to register such sites will be discarded.

L-Soft cannot register intranet sites since by definition such sites are not accessible via the Internet. Registration requires that your LISTSERV site be readily accessible via email by outside users.

Person Making Request

Please enter the Customer ID for your server. The customer ID is found in the SERIAL= line of your LAK. For instance, if your SERIAL= line reads something like "SERIAL=MYCOMPANY-4", your ID is MYCOMPANY. If it reads something like "FOO-SOLARIS-6", your ID is FOO-SOLARIS.

Customer ID:



Type of Request

This registration information:

[NEW] is entirely new, this site is not currently registered

[REMOVE] should be removed from the registration database entirely. (If this option is chosen, complete only the NODE: information below and click "SEND" at the bottom of the form.)

[INFO CHANGE] is for a site already registered and the information below replaces existing data in the registration database for this host (but the name of the host is remaining the same)

[HOSTNAME CHANGE] is for a site already registered where the name of the host is changing and, additionally, the information below replaces existing data in the registration database for this host. (If this option is chosen, please enter the currently registered hostname in the text box provided below and fill out the rest of the form even if no other information has changed.)

Old hostname:


The NODE value is the fully-qualified Internet hostname of your LISTSERV server. For instance, LISTSERV.EXAMPLE.COM. We do not accept dotted-decimal IP numbers in this case; your NODE name must be registered in DNS, preferably as an A record or an MX record. It is generally not recommended to register the hostname as a CNAME, since CNAMEs can become "canonicalized" as mail is handled through the Internet. If you do not understand the above, please contact the person in your domain who is responsible for handling DNS registration.



The SITE parameter verbosely identifies your site, ie, "Univ of XYZ, city, state, country" or "XYZ Corp, city, state, country".



Select the two-letter ISO country code of the country in which the server is physically located. (If your code is not listed, choose "Other (not listed)" and be sure to indicate the name of the country in the "SITE" section of this form. Due to Internet volatility this part of the form may not always be up to date.)


Operating System

Operating System:

Operating System Version Number:


Please give us some information about the hardware LISTSERV is running on. For instance:


IBM 9021-900, etc.


AXP 3000-600, VAX 9000, etc.


RS/6000-320H, AXP 3000-600, etc.

Windows 2003/2000/XP

Intel P90, AXP 3000-600, etc.


Contact Person

Enter the contact information for the person (must be a human person, not a mailing list or redirection alias) who will be the primary LISTSERV maintainer. All three items are required.

Note: Contact telephone number must include country/city codes, area code, etc.




Preferred format: +1 301 555.5555


Select the version of LISTSERV you are currently running. Note that L-Soft cannot accept registrations for sites running LISTSERV 1.8c or earlier.



In general, only sites with more than 100 lists or sites with at least one list of over 50,000 subscribers should be on the backbone. Additionally, LISTSERV sites acting as campus or corporate LISTSERV gateways for thousands of local domain users should also be on the backbone (generally this means educational domains, but large corporations or large ISPs may also be interested in this feature). If there is any question, please contact: Backbone sites should be running the latest version of LISTSERV and should be up as close to 24/7 as possible.


LISTSERV is a registered trademark licensed to L-Soft international, Inc.

See Guidelines for Proper Usage of the LISTSERV Trademark for more details.

All other trademarks, both marked and unmarked, are the property of their respective owners.