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Section 2
Configuring for First Use

Section 3
Changing Admin Password

Section 4
Creating Accounts

4.2 Editing Account Info

4.2 Continued

4.3 Administrative User Account

4.3.3 Changing Job and Report Ownership

Section 5
Global Component Settings

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Log Files

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User Interface Settings

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Database Connections

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Non-Standard Ports

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Tracking and Recipient Profiles

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Editing INI Files

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Distributed Components

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User Interface Branding

Section 17
Evaluation Mode

Section 18
International Character Sets

Appendix A
Standard Default Ports

4.2 Editing Account Information and Assigning Single User Settings

Once a new account has been created, it must be edited to assign it single user settings. To edit existing account information, click on the user name link. From here it is possible to Edit general user settings such as the user name, user group, and password, or Edit component specific settings that control how the user interacts with the Maestro User Interface.

Clicking the Maestro User Interface link will open another screen listing the single user settings available for editing. The settings available depend on whether the single user is a member of a group or not. These settings include determining user privileges (rights), and the LISTSERV Connection.

Figure 4 Editing Account Information

Edit general account settings screen shot

Enter or change any or all of the variables then click the OK button to record the changes or the Cancel button to disregard and return to the "Single User Settings" screen. Click the Up One Level icon at the bottom right of the screen to return to the Define User Accounts screen. Click the Up One Level icon again to return to the "Administer User Accounts" screen.

4.2.1 Editing General User Settings

Change the user name, group, or password of an existing account from this screen. To keep an old password while changing other settings, leave both password fields blank.To delete an account, click the Delete button.

Figure 5 Editing User Settings

Editing users settings

4.2.2 Editing Component Specific Settings for Single and Group Users

After an account is initially created, click on the link Maestro User Interface located under the heading Edit component specific settings: to select single user settings. A list of single user settings appears. This list will vary depending on whether the user is a member of a group or not. The settings displayed in Figure 6 are for a single user who is not part of a group. The settings displayed in Figure 7 are for a single user who is part of a group.

To edit settings at the group level, click on the name of the group from the Administer User Accounts See Figure 2.

Click on any setting to open a screen to edit the setting.

Figure 6 Single User Settings for a Non-Group Member

Editing component specific settings for a single user account

Figure 7 Component Specific Settings for a Group Member