Section 1

Section 2
Configuring for First Use

Section 3
Changing Admin Password

Section 4
Creating Accounts

Section 5
Global Component Settings

Section 6

Section 7
Log Files

Section 8
User Interface Settings

Section 9
Database Connections

Section 10
Non-Standard Ports

Section 11

Section 12

Section 13
Tracking and Recipient Profiles

Section 14
Editing INI Files

Section 15
Distributed Components

Section 16
User Interface Branding

Section 17
Evaluation Mode

Section 18
International Character Sets

Appendix A
Standard Default Ports

Section 2
Configuring LISTSERV® Maestro for First Use

After installation, it is necessary to execute a few initial configuration steps in the Administration Hub before LISTSERV Maestro can be fully used. Access the Administration Hub as described in 1.2 Accessing the Hub Administrator Interface and log in with the administrator password. Execute at least the following configuration steps for security and access purposes:

  • Change Administrator Password
    For security purposes, change the administrator password to something other than the default "admin" immediately after installation. Do not forget the new password, it is not recoverable.
  • Create User Accounts
    Create at least one user account that can be used to access the Maestro User Interface. See Section 4 Creating and Administering User Accounts for more details on how to proceed with creating user accounts.
  • Define Default LISTSERV Connection
    This connection is used for all accounts that do not have individual connection parameters configured. If a single LISTSERV connection is shared between all users, configure this connection as the default connection and leave the configuration parameters of individual users (or groups) empty.

User/group configurations can be mixed with the default configuration in many ways. The default connection parameters will always be used in cases where individual user or group settings are left empty (unfilled). Wherever related entries of a user or group are filled in, that user or group will use the connection configured for them, and not the default configuration. If any accounts use the default connection it may not be left empty. Leave the default connection parameters empty only if connection parameters for all users and groups on the individual or group level are already configured.

See Section 8.2 Default LISTSERV Connection for Maestro User Interface for more information on configuring LISTSERV’s default connection. See Section 4.2 Editing Account Information and Assigning Single User Settings for more information on configuring single users or group connections.