Section 1

Section 2
Configuring for First Use

Section 3
Changing Admin Password

Section 4
Creating Accounts

4.2 Editing Account Info

4.2 Continued

4.3 Administrative User Account

4.3.3 Changing Job and Report Ownership

Section 5
Global Component Settings

Section 6

Section 7
Log Files

Section 8
User Interface Settings

Section 9
Database Connections

Section 10
Non-Standard Ports

Section 11

Section 12

Section 13
Tracking and Recipient Profiles

Section 14
Editing INI Files

Section 15
Distributed Components

Section 16
User Interface Branding

Section 17
Evaluation Mode

Section 18
International Character Sets

Appendix A
Standard Default Ports

Section 4
Creating and Administering User Accounts

The Administer User Accounts screen displays a list of all defined user accounts. From this screen it is possible to:

  • Add a new user account
  • Assign users to a group
  • Edit existing user account settings, including deleting the accounts
  • Edit existing group settings

Figure 2 Administer User Accounts

Administrering User Accounts screen shot

4.1 Creating a New User Account

To create a new user account, click on the button Add User Account.

  • User Fill in a user name. User names are not case sensitive, and can be composed of letters, numbers, and symbols. User names can also contain spaces. User names must be unique if users are not assigned to a group. Users assigned to different groups may have the same user name as long as the combination of user name and group name is unique.
  • Group Assign the user to a group if desired. Groups are optional and can be left blank. However, users must be assigned to a group in order to use the team collaboration features. Only members of the same group can collaborate on e-mail jobs. The combination of user name and group name must be unique. There cannot be two users with the same name in the same group, although there may be two users with the same name in different groups.
  • Password Assign a password. All passwords are case sensitive, and must be at least five characters long.
  • Confirm Password Retype the password to confirm it.

Figure 3 Defining User Account

Define User Account screen shot

Check the box next to The user is allowed to change his password. to grant the user permission to change his or her password. Uncheck the box to revoke this privilege. Click Save to save account information and continue.