12 Tips for Stellar Email List Communication

12 Tips for Stellar Email List Communication

1. Always use double opt-in – you'll be a star to your subscribers.

2. Illuminate your email list's purpose and guidelines from the start.

3. Twinkle, twinkle little star, be sure your "From" line says who you are.

4. Simply brilliant! Use subject lines that are short and succinct, conveying how your subscribers benefit from opening the message.

5. Create stellar customized HTML templates for consistent branding, plus time savings across every mailing.

6. Glitter, don't litter! Give your subscribers the relevant, wanted email they deserve.

7. Why do some emails outshine others in the inbox? Because their senders continuously test and refine messages.

8. Create a beautiful view for all! Optimize your email for mobile devices.

9. Customized tracking and reporting enlighten your campaigns with a constellation of data.

10. Test to be sure your one-click unsubscribe doesn't require a telescope to be seen – and that it works.

11. Encourage feedback in your automated farewell messages. People who unsubscribe can shed light on how you can do better next time.

12. Never underestimate the star power of email newsletters and campaigns to develop customer and member loyalty.

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