The Code of Email Marketing: Respect, Protect, Engage

The Code of Email Marketing

As an opt-in email marketer, it's critical to stay on track and to respect, protect and engage subscribers at every turn. The Code of Email Marketing provides a set of simple yet essential best practices to keep your relationship with your subscribers – the very heart of email marketing – in perfect view at all times.

The Code of Email Marketing

1. Build your email lists with explicit prior permission

2. Ensure that subscribers know what to expect before they subscribe – and deliver it

3. Never spam

4. Protect the privacy and data of your subscribers

5. Never purchase, trade, share or sell email addresses

6. Avoid misleading subject lines and false headers

7. Provide value and relevancy and inspire action with every message

8. Include one-click unsubscribe instructions in every message

9. Honor unsubscribe requests promptly

10. Remember that email marketing is about building relationships with subscribers

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