All We Need is Love (and Email!)

Five "Subscriber Love Languages" to Delight Your Audiences and Build Trust

By Susan Brown Faghani
Manager, Marketing and Sales Communication, L-Soft

As our world seems to reflect the oft-used phrase "In good times and bad, for richer or poorer," – albeit outside of wedding vows – one thing you can rely on is LISTSERV. Let us count the ways that "subscriber love languages" go straight to the heart of your communications, making them better for it.

Love and Email


Unlike the frequently random or off-the-cuff musings on many social media platforms, email messages evoke a vibe of forethought, care and trust. So it's no surprise that organizations of all types turn to LISTSERV for nurturing more respectful and professional connections with their audiences. As they say, "Start as you want to go on."


There's much that's been disrupted, upended or is otherwise topsy-turvy these past three decades. Just remember, LISTSERV has been a steadfast friend and helper for cultivating long-term relationships between senders and subscribers – still going strong and ready to support your communications.


The power of email discussion and support groups is profound. Consider offering LISTSERV groups to provide an outlet for information, help and hope. We're all human, and being able to connect people around the world to discuss and share knowledge – everything from navigating rare cancers to fostering high-level academic collaboration and more – is a unique and much-loved benefit of LISTSERV.


The real people behind your recipient data heartily deserve the red-carpet treatment. Honor their trust by gaining explicit, prior permission using confirmed opt-in subscription and never spamming. Follow data privacy and protection regulations and – using LISTSERV Maestro – avoid GDPR heartaches with anonymous or personal tracking with consent.


Your communication channels are constantly evolving. Keep looking ahead, knowing that LISTSERV is a wise and cost-effective investment that grows along with your needs. Whether this is the first time you're setting up discussion groups, newsletters, blogs and more or you're adding new lists to your LISTSERV site, you'll enjoy a quick and hassle-free experience.

Statista data shows that 4.3 billion people worldwide communicate via email, more than on any other channel. No grand gestures are needed to demonstrate our ongoing love for and appreciation of email... some things are simply made to last.

We're here to support your organization's email communications. Let us know how we can help.

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