New in LISTSERV Maestro 8.2

Note: LISTSERV Maestro 8.2 is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV Maestro 11.0.

LISTSERV Maestro Mobile App Screenshots

EU GDPR Support

LISTSERV Maestro now contains new features related to EU GDPR compliance, including a new email address data report to more easily handle rules like "Right of Access" and "Right to Erasure" and a new subscriber list profile field to collect, store and document explicit consent from subscribers.

LDAP and AD Support

LISTSERV Maestro includes support for LDAP and Windows Active Directory for login authentication and recipient selection from databases, allowing customers with large repositories of data to benefit from LDAP connections and query opportunities.

Mobile App

LISTSERV Maestro offers a free mobile companion app for Android and iOS, available from the Google Play and Apple App stores, allowing senders to authorize jobs, receive status notifications and to view delivery and tracking reports on the go.


For a full list of new features and fixes, see:

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