New in LISTSERV Maestro 5.0

Note: LISTSERV Maestro 5.0 is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV Maestro 11.0.

LISTSERV Maestro 5.0 Highlights

Drag-and-Drop Job Management: LISTSERV Maestro now supports a full hierarchy of job folders, allowing campaign managers to organize, drag and drop mail jobs into any number of folders, similar to file folders widely used in desktop operating systems.

Basic User Interface Mode: A new simplified user interface mode has been introduced for email marketers needing only one hosted subscriber list and default tracking settings, greatly reducing the learning curve and making it a breeze to get started quickly and easily.

Direct Spreadsheet Import: LISTSERV Maestro now allows marketers to import subscriber data directly from spreadsheet files, without the need to first convert the spreadsheet into a CSV file.

Improved Target Group Definition: For hosted recipient lists, target groups and recipient subsets can now be defined on-the-fly directly in the recipient wizard, without the need to prepare them separately beforehand.

Demographic Analysis: LISTSERV Maestro can perform a demographic analysis of subscribers based on their profile fields. This allows marketers to create simple single-field or complex multi-field demographic reports about their subscriber base.

New Design Templates: LISTSERV Maestro now includes a more flexible type of HTML newsletter template. The design templates allow marketers to use the built-in visual HTML editor to easily enter blocks of text and upload images.

Improved Click-and-Fill Templates: Editing the placeholder values of click-and-fill HTML templates has been simplified. The new user interface combines related placeholders into repeated field groups, making it easier and quicker to enter the newsletter content.

Flexible Image Handling: LISTSERV Maestro allows marketers to choose whether to retrieve images for HTML newsletters from an external server, upload and embed them directly into the message, or upload and host them on the LISTSERV Maestro server.

Predefined Tracking Reports: Automatically generated pie charts give marketers an immediate overview of the key metrics of a campaign's success. The first-week tracking history shows how subscribers reacted to the campaign message during the first week after delivery.

Job Comparison Reports: Integrated with the new job management interface, LISTSERV Maestro now includes a multi-job comparison report, which offers at-a-glance tracking statistics for comparing the success of multiple campaigns.

Spreadsheet Reports: Most LISTSERV Maestro tracking reports can now be directly downloaded as spreadsheets with automatically embedded diagrams and charts for further analysis.

Social Media Publishing: LISTSERV Maestro allows marketers to automatically publish links to their campaign messages on Twitter and Facebook at the time of delivery. This makes it easier to spread the reach of email marketing campaigns beyond the immediate subscriber base.

Social Media Sharing: LISTSERV Maestro now supports easy social media sharing. Marketers can use a simple drop-in to include social media sharing icons in their messages, enabling subscribers to share the content with their own followers through their preferred social networks.

Social Media Tracking: Email marketers can track and create reports over how many subscribers shared the message through their social networks and how many new subscribers joined the list as a result.

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