New in LISTSERV 1.8e

Note: LISTSERV 1.8e is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV 17.0.

Administrative Enhancements

List Administration Wizards
The list administration wizards provide list owners with a user-friendly interface to modify list configuration settings. The configuration keywords can be arranged alphabetically, by category and in the form of task-oriented tutorials.

Moderation Interface
The Web-based interface greatly facilitates the process of list moderation. List owners can view messages and any attachments in the browser window before authorizing delivery to subscribers.

Email Attachment Filter
The improved attachment filter allows list owners to determine which types of attachments may and may not be posted to a list. List owners can, therefore, prevent subscribers from transmitting certain types of unwanted files to a list.

Content Filter
The new content filter can be configured by the list owner to automatically reject messages with unwanted or inappropriate content from getting posted to a list. The filter can be used to block for example spam and out-of-office messages.

Archive Search Engine
The improved archive search engine allows subscribers to simultaneously search the archives of multiple lists on a server.

Subscriber Setting Page
Subscribers can now manage all their list subscriptions to the same server on one screen. This allows subscribers to quickly and easily adjust their subscription settings for multiple lists.

Security Enhancements

Virus Protection
LISTSERV 1.8e is the first and so far the only email list management software to provide email lists with virus protection. The integrated anti-virus system scans all messages and attachments, preventing the spread of computer viruses via email lists.

Spam Protection
The spam filters have been improved to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail sent to list owners. The content filter can also be used to block spam from reaching a list.

Spoof Protection
The enhanced anti-spoof feature improves the ability to protect lists from malicious use. List owners and site administrators are now able to back-trace subscription and other requests to the originating Web server, making it easier to track spammers and abusers.

Reporting Enhancements

Changelog Reports
Changelogs, or list activity reports, can now be downloaded or viewed online using the Web interface. The reports can be organized daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. List owners can view the messages that subscribers have sent, the number of new subscribers and those who have unsubscribed from a list or changed their subscription settings.

List Configuration Reports
List owners and site administrators can efficiently generate reports and manage the configuration of all their lists on a single screen. The reports can contain configuration settings and information such as list owners, editors and number of subscribers for every list on a given server.

Subscriber Setting Reports
List owners are now able to generate reports about subscribers and manage subscriber settings of all their lists on a single screen.

Database Connectivity Enhancements

Integration with DB2 Databases under Unix
IBM DB2 databases on the AIX, Solaris, Linux and HP-UX operating systems can be integrated with LISTSERV 1.8e. LISTSERV also supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and ODBC-compliant databases.

Multiple Database Connections
LISTSERV 1.8e can be integrated with multiple databases. The maximum number of databases to which LISTSERV 1.8e can connect is limited only by the capability of the hardware in use.

Database Connection Reliability
LISTSERV 1.8e will attempt to reconnect to a database automatically if the connection goes down while jobs are in progress. In addition, the database connection can now be set to time out.

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