New in LISTSERV 15.5

Note: LISTSERV 15.5 is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV 17.0.

LISTSERV 15.5 Highlights

RSS Support
LISTSERV supports RSS feeds, allowing subscribers to view messages using an RSS reader. The RSS support also features RSS abstracts, which are generated automatically from the text of the message, or may be specified explicitly.

LDAP Support (More Information)
LISTSERV can connect to LDAP servers to authenticate user logins, to insert LDAP attributes in mail-merge distributions and to implement dynamic queries.

Dynamic Queries (More Information)
LISTSERV can execute on-demand dynamic queries against either LDAP or traditional DBMS servers and use the results for access control and mail delivery.

AOL Feedback Loop (More Information)
LISTSERV can automatically process AOL Feedback Loop reports. Once configured, LISTSERV automatically parses the reports and implements the actions required by AOL's whitelist agreement.

Password Encryption
LISTSERV now supports, and has enabled by default, password encryption for its SIGNUP files.

For more details, see the LISTSERV 15.5 What's New Manual.

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