New in LISTSERV 14.4

Note: LISTSERV 14.4 is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV 17.0.

LISTSERV 14.4 Highlights

Embedded Mail-Merge
LISTSERV can now use any high-capacity SMTP server to perform mail-merge.

Background List Maintenance
Most list maintenance tasks can be configured to take place in the background with LISTSERV HPO, dramatically increasing availability during busy periods for servers with thousands of lists.

A new keyword, Configuration-Owner, sets limitations on who is allowed to modify the list header, giving the site administrator the authority to prevent list owners from changing their list configurations, while letting the list owners manage subscriptions as usual.

Message Posting
An intelligent applet allows complex HTML content to be uploaded and verified when posting a message using the Web interface. The enhanced posting interface also allows for the creation of multi-part messages and management of attachments.

Support for Other Anti-Virus Systems
Anti-virus systems other than F-Secure can now be used to protect email going through LISTSERV against viruses. Other anti-virus systems, however, cannot be fully integrated with LISTSERV in the same way as F-Secure Anti-Virus.

F-Secure Version Certification
F-Secure Anti-Virus versions up to 5.50-SR1 on Windows and up to 4.63 on Linux are now certified for use with LISTSERV 14.4.

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