ListPlex Emergency Notification Service

ListPlex Emergency Notification Service

The ListPlex emergency notification service is a special hosted ListPlex node for critical communication situations. It is primarily meant as a backup system and additional resource for emergency communication or crisis readiness. If something unexpected happens with the normal communication channels, the service provides an additional way to communicate with important stakeholders through email.


If a service interruption occurs at your organization's primary LISTSERV site – for example, the university computer center loses power in a hurricane, earthquake or other emergency – then the ListPlex notification service can serve as an important backup channel to reach people on campus through web and mobile email.

Benefits and Highlights

  • Host the ListPlex service at one of L-Soft's state-of-the-art data centers under your organization's own domain name (virtual server node)
  • Ensure the reliability of the service and fast delivery of your messages with the power of LISTSERV High-Performance Option (HPO)
  • Operate the service remotely without having to go through your normal IT infrastructure
  • Receive full technical support from L-Soft's experienced support engineers

For more details about pricing or to set up your ListPlex emergency notification system, contact us at

L-Soft Sales

L-Soft Sales


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