LISTSERV® Email List Service Supports Relief Efforts

Communicate, Coordinate, Collaborate with Free LISTSERV Email Groups


Do you need communication tools for relief efforts? We are here to support you by providing free mailing list services for disaster-related communications.

Powered by LISTSERV® email list software, the free Relief email list hosting service is a reliable platform for your group or organization to communicate urgent information, exchange knowledge, share support and mobilize the community around important measures to help with the global pandemic and other crises.

Every LISTSERV group has one dedicated purpose and one group email address. You can participate and access the group with any email address.

Main Uses

  • Ongoing updates and mobilization alerts
  • Information flow between staff, volunteers and impacted communities
  • Peer support
  • Brainstorming and problem-solving
  • Complement and backup to other communication channels

Key Advantages

  • Deploy dedicated communication channels, each with a specific purpose
  • See posted messages instantly in searchable online archives
  • Access groups via one email list address
  • Save time with easy email list management
  • Enable users to participate on their own terms and schedules
  • Enjoy low bandwidth usage

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