Be Prepared and Proactive with LISTSERV®

Keep Your Organization Connected and Audiences Informed

In rapidly evolving situations like the COVID-19 pandemic and other public health emergencies, communication is a must for preparedness and prevention. Does your organization have ready-to-deploy digital communication channels to keep your staff collaborating remotely and your stakeholders and partners informed in times of disruption?


Ensure that your remote staff are connected and your audiences aren’t missing critical information. Let us help, with reliable, dedicated email communications channels powered by LISTSERV. Choose from on-premises software or a hosted cloud service. L-Soft also offers customized technical support for your organization.

Key Advantages of LISTSERV

  • Set up your LISTSERV lists quickly and easily using the web interface
  • Manage announcements, newsletters and briefings as well as email groups, blogs and communities on a single LISTSERV site
  • Connect with your ODBC-compliant databases and LDAP servers

Make it Easy for Your Communicators and Audiences

  • Create dedicated online spaces with searchable archives that can be open for public viewing or accessible to group members only
  • Provide easy subscribing and unsubscribing for group members through the self-service subscription portal
  • Share your responsive HTML message templates with your list owners and other communicators for consistent branding in your communications
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L-Soft Sales


WHO Information on COVID-19 Pandemic

WHO Information on COVID-19 Pandemic »

Be sure to follow specific guidelines and directives in your area.

Stay safe!

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