Continue to Communicate with LISTSERV® Email Groups

Yahoo! is restricting its Yahoo Groups email service beginning October 28. It urges its customers to save anything they have uploaded to Yahoo Groups before December 14, 2019, when all content on the site will be permanently removed.

Continue your email group communications with LISTSERV. Contact L-Soft for advice and transfer today.

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Groups needing continuation of communication services can transition to L-Soft's email list management products and services. L-Soft helps organizations set up their email lists in the familiar and reliable LISTSERV setting. LISTSERV email groups are flexible and meet many needs without limitations. The creation of the group and transfer of the subscribers can be quick, especially with the email list hosting option.


  • Add and upload all email addresses smoothly
    No limitation on accounts, which Yahoo Groups or Google Groups may require
  • Set up your LISTSERV email group quickly and easily
    Flexible settings help meet your exact group communication needs
  • Get dedicated online space with searchable group archives
    Archives can be open for public viewing or accessible to group members only
  • Provide easy subscribing and unsubscribing for group members
    The self-service subscription screen makes it easy for new members to join
  • Get web interface with key list management functions
    Manage the group, add mail bottom banners and view reports on group activity
  • Communicate via email or the web interface seamlessly
    Groups have an email address and a home page with easy-to-learn functions
  • Gain access to a wealth of other LISTSERV features and technical support
    Expand to LISTSERV announcement lists, newsletters and blogs on the same site


Contact L-Soft to discuss the best options for your organization.

  • Transfer to L-Soft's email list hosting services
  • Download LISTSERV and run all email lists conveniently in one hub
  • Get migration help from L-Soft's consulting group.
LISTSERV Email Groups

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