L-Soft's LISTSERV® to Support Linux for S/390

Company Responds to Growing Customer Demand For Linux Platform

Bethesda, MD (March 5, 2002) – Responding to the increasing demand for support in Linux environments, L-Soft announced today that its flagship LISTSERV® product will be available on IBM S/390 Parallel Enterprise Servers. Previous iterations of LISTSERV provided support for only the Intel-based Linux platform.

Early customer indications suggest that LISTSERV for Linux S/390 performs well in the new environment, while bringing uniformity across a variety of server platforms. "My experience with LISTSERV for Linux S/390 is that it simply works," said Allen Gordon from the Louisiana State University High Performance Computing Office. "Overall, LISTSERV is a solid system that does what it is supposed to very well and with the same interface whether it's running on ix86 Linux, RS/6000 AIX or Linux S/390."

The Gartner Group predicts that the Linux server market will more than double by 2005, from $1.8 billion to $3.8 billion. An increasing number of companies are running virtual Linux systems inside IBM S/390 mainframe computers in order to reduce hardware and operations costs. Thousands of virtual Linux systems can run on a single mainframe in this manner. Hardware or software upgrades can be installed in much less time than it would take with thousands of separate servers.

"The unremitting decrease of computing power costs heralds a renaissance of the mainframe business model," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft's CEO and founder. "LISTSERV is no stranger to S/390, having been originally developed on an IBM 4341 mainframe in 1986. In the 1990s, customers migrated to unix or Windows because S/390 hardware was no longer cost effective. But today, computing power is so cheap that it makes sense to spend more on hardware to save a lot of manpower, and people are rediscovering the benefits of the centralized mainframe business model."

Commenting on the development effort, Thomas added: "It only took about a day to install Linux on our IBM MP3000 mainframe and make LISTSERV work on that system. All unix software vendors should consider porting their applications to S/390. They will find that S/390 customers are loyal, have a high degree of technical knowledge and at least as much enthusiasm as other Linux customers."

First released in 1986, LISTSERV is the original and most sophisticated e-mail list management software available on the market. Currently, LISTSERV powers more than 210,000 mailing lists serving approximately 135 million subscriptions.

LISTSERV is now available for Windows 2000/XP/NT; Unix: Solaris (SPARC/Intel), Linux (Intel and S/390), AIX (PowerPC), Tru64, HP-UX, IRIX, FreeBSD, BSDi; OpenVMS (Alpha) and VM.

About L-Soft

L-Soft develops and sells software and outsourcing services for managing e-mail newsletters, discussion groups and marketing campaigns. Founded in 1994, L-Soft's has been instrumental in the proliferation of e-mail marketing due to the popularity of its flagship software, LISTSERV®. Since then, L-Soft has expanded its portfolio of products and services to include e-mail delivery, outsourcing and consulting services.

Recognized in 2001 as Maryland's 23rd fastest-growing technology company by Deloitte & Touche, L-Soft offers products that deliver more than 35 million messages a day to about 135 million list subscriptions. With offices in the U.S. and Europe, the company serves more than 2,500 customers across the globe including AOL, British Airways, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, Bell Canada and LifeTime TV.

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