L-Soft Unveils New E-Mail Marketing Software

LISTSERV® Maestro Designed to Meet the Demands of Today's Cost-Conscious Marketers

Bethesda, MD (January 23, 2002) – L-Soft, creator of LISTSERV®, the widely deployed e-mail list management software, announced today the launch of LISTSERV® Maestro, a new product developed to provide companies with sophisticated e-mail marketing capabilities. LISTSERV Maestro's easy-to-use Web interface guides marketers through each step of campaign development, including message creation, response tracking, reporting and analysis. LISTSERV Maestro's rapid implementation, ability to integrate with other solutions and reasonable cost are just a few of its many benefits.

"Companies are increasingly turning to e-mail to drive site traffic and build customer relationships," said Eric Thomas, L-Soft's Founder and CEO. "E-mail cuts campaign production and delivery costs, especially when using in-house solutions such as LISTSERV Maestro. Some of the savings are usually passed on to the customer in the form of more attractive, carefully targeted special offers."

LISTSERV Maestro's tracking reports provide quick feedback and enable marketers to quantify the success of campaigns in real time, giving them the freedom to immediately adjust their strategies and realize greater success rates. LISTSERV Maestro identifies whether recipients open up messages or click through to URLs embedded within messages.

"Over the next two years, traditionally neglected customer groups will start to receive offers written in their own language and better suited to their needs and habits," Thomas said. "The complexity of marketing campaigns will increase, but companies that invest in precise targeting will be rewarded with higher ROI and better long-term customer relationships."

The initial high-capacity version of LISTSERV Maestro allows companies to conduct large-scale e-mail marketing campaigns in-house for a modest investment. L-Soft will soon integrate LISTSERV Maestro into its hosting services and introduce limited-capacity licensing packages, enabling companies and organizations of all sizes to implement professional e-mail marketing campaigns.


  • Determines whether recipients have opened up messages
  • Establishes whether recipients have clicked through to embedded URLs located within a message
  • Allows marketers to choose from several levels of privacy protection settings
  • Personalizes messages by extracting customer information from databases
  • Provides online tracking reports in real time and allows marketers to download reports and convert them into Excel files
  • Allows messages to be sent in text, HTML or multi-part formats
  • Sends graphic, audio, video and other files
  • Delegates operational tasks among team members
  • Schedules delivery so marketers do not have to be present when messages are sent
  • Handles bounced or undeliverable messages
  • Blocks the delivery of messages containing computer viruses with the F-Secure® Anti-Virus System

About L-Soft

L-Soft develops and sells software and outsourcing services for managing e-mail newsletters, discussion groups and marketing campaigns. Founded in 1994, L-Soft's has been instrumental in the proliferation of e-mail marketing due to the popularity of its flagship software, LISTSERV®. Since then, L-Soft has expanded its portfolio of products and services to include e-mail delivery, outsourcing and consulting services.

Recognized in 2001 as Maryland's 23rd fastest-growing technology company by Deloitte & Touche, L-Soft offers products that deliver more than 35 million messages a day to about 125 million list subscriptions. With offices in the U.S. and Europe, the company serves more than 2,500 customers across the globe including AOL, British Airways, Microsoft, The Wall Street Journal, Bell Canada and LifeTime TV.

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