LISTSERV 20th Anniversary Greetings

Since 1999, Encompass has used LISTSERV as a cost- effective and convenient way to disseminate information to the HP user community, as well as provide online forums for peer-to-peer networking and exchange of information among HP users with shared interests. Congratulations on LISTSERV's 20th Anniversary!

Kristi Browder, Encompass President

We are thrilled to be back on LISTSERV. Ever since our ISP went out of business we've had to rely on Yahoo Groups and our communications efforts suffered significantly. We've been back on LISTSERV for only a couple of months and the difference has been amazing. Thank you so much for your efforts.

Dennis Courtney
Capital PC User Group, Inc

Congratulations LISTSERV on your 20th anniversary. While we have only been using LISTSERV for 6 months, we have found it to be an excellent way for us to communicate with our large internet community. Its simple, yet powerful operation makes for a very efficient product.

David Pethick
IT Manager

Here at HEAnet we've been using LISTSERV since at least 1996, and it has had a long successful history before that. At the moment we host over nearly 800 local, national and international lists, with some 90,000 subscribers worldwide. We integrate LISTSERV with SpamAssassin and Sophos anti-virus s/w which works well in our setup. I have always found the LISTSERV documentation very helpful and when all fails the L-Soft support team are prompt to reply and very helpful. We have signed up for another two years and hope to continue the successful partnership with LISTSERV continuing to provide a top rate service that scales well, as a local and national service. We hope that the new road map for development will continue to see L-Soft stay ahead of the competition and provide definitive value for money for our clients with a rich feature list of improvements. I know a number of our clients run highly successful lists and are pleased with the level of support and reliability of the service to date. Many thanks and best wishes for the future.

Stephen Yeates
Managed Network Services
HEAnet Ltd.

LISTSERV® is like the Kleenex® of the the tissue world – a specific product that is often synonymous for an entire industry, except much more "popular" if you do a Google Search ;-) So Congrats, Eric and L-Soft!

Pete Weiss

Dear L-Soft. Congratulations on a great 20 years, and thank you for helping us reach the professional lactation support community. Through your donation of services, we continue to reach mothers and babies who need breastfeeding help through the 3500+ lactation professionals who read Lactnet. Without you, Lactnet would not exist, so thanks, and hats off to you for a great product.

Kathleen B. Bruce RN IBCLC RLC

Congratulations on your 20th. Emory University has been a customer for probably half of that time. We have been extremely pleased with the company and the service we have received and we continue to increase daily our use of this little weekend project :-). Thank you for all that you do and we wish you continued success.

Brett A. Blake

Congratulations and best wishes from MLA-L (distribution list for the Music Library Association) – a happy LISTSERV user since May 1989!

Ralph Papakhian (original and still co-owner of MLA-L)

Eric and company, what an astounding heritage you have in this market! As a user of LISTSERV in my higher education facility management days, I personally experienced the difference you made not only in the specific medium of e-communications but also in facilitating discussions among experts in near real-time. It is an honor to work with a company of your caliber and an individual of your integrity. Here is to another 20 years!!

Jerrel Fielder

Looking forward to the next 20 years.

Al Felts

Happy Anniversary LISTSERV! You've launched a behemoth of an industry!

Roger Auge

Dear L-Soft: The Recovery Group congratulates you on twenty years of extraordinary service to the online community. Were it not for your generous provision of this state-of-the-art service, thousands of men, women and children around the world would have no safe place to meet daily and share their struggles, pain, fears, growth, recovery, and hope. You have made it possible for our subscribers to share about a disease which affects the quality of their lives and in far too many cases, life itself. Our affiliation with L-Soft began 11 years ago with one list and today we have close to 100. You have made a difference which can never be counted. Like the ripples in water caused by a drop of rain, your service to The Recovery Group moves onward, outward, and upward as our message is spread throughout a vulnerable and important segment of society. Because you have made The Recovery Group accessible to people everywhere, we are able to carry the message of recovery far and wide and it is our hope to continue doing that forever. With endless thanks and appreciation, The Trusted Servants and Members of TRG.

The Recovery Group

This is the best mailing list software. Good job and good luck.

Nick Abiola-Bisiolu

Happy Anniversary! And a very happy birthday to Eric Thomas. I've been a listowner since 97. I've run lists under almost every type of list software, and LISTSERV® beats them all hands down. Thank you for your years of support to Maelstrom, and your current support of ICORS. The support list world would be a very different place without LISTSERV®.

Karen Reznek
Head Listowner – Asperger
Director – ICORS

Extension is all about sharing information to support improved decision making. The generously donated LISTSERV technology makes it easy for our extension staff and publications managers to let our clients know about new and valuable resources, and we gain peace of mind from knowing that our announcements reach an interested target audience of subscribers!

Julie Schooling,
Information Products & Services Team Leader

I know LISTSERV from the early days when it was available on mainframes only. And I was happy when it was ported to Unix, Windows and OS X. Ever since these days, LISTSERV sets the standards for list management.

Franz Ablinger

LISTSERV is such a fluent and stable program for e-communication. I have been using it since the mid-nineties within my work for regional sustainable development in Sweden. My very best congratulations to you at L-Soft!

Jonas Lagneryd

Happy Birthday LISTSERV! As millions of L-Soft's messages are protected by our product each day, we'd like to congratulate our partner on their two decades old product. Here's to many more.

Mikko Hyppönen
Chief Research Officer

For me, there is only one LISTSERV list, and that is Lactnet. My life would be much poorer without it. The LISTSERV technology works so well I never have to notice it – which suits me perfectly. That is not to denigrate it – quite the opposite! Congratulations on your first 20 years, may the next 20 be equally interesting!

Rachel Myr

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