Section 1

Section 2
The Maestro Interface

Section 3
Defining a Job

Section 4
Defining Recipients

Section 5
Defining Content

Section 6
Defining Tracking

Section 7
Sender and Delivery Options

Section 8

Section 9
Delivered Jobs

Section 10
Reporting and Statistics

10.1.1 Adding a Data Source

10.1.1 Adding a Data Source Continued

10.1.2 Result Settings

10.1.2 Result Settings Continued

10.2 Executing Reports

10.2 Executing Reports Continued

10.3 Importing Statistics

Section 11
User Settings

Appendix A
24 Hour Clock

Appendix B
International Character Sets

Appendix C
Comma Separated Files

Appendix D
AOL Rich Text

Section 10.1.1 Adding Data Sources

Adding a Data Source is a multi-step process that has to be repeated for each separate variable in the report. In the screen capture below, there are seven different variables that will be plotted on the report, so the data source wizard was engaged seven times to record each one. To begin defining a data source, click on the Data Sources tab from the Define Report Screen. See figure 57.

  • Data Source Description Lists the defined data sources available for use in a report. Click on the title of the data source to open the data source wizard and edit the selections. Click on the copy link to make a copy of the data source. Click on the delete link to delete the data source.
  • Add Data Source Opens the data source wizard, a series of screens that leads the user through the process of creating or editing a data source.

Figure 58 Define Report Screen

There are five screens to the data source wizard:

  • Type Defines the type of event to report on.
  • Jobs Defines which job or jobs those events are from.
  • Links Defines which URLs to include from click-through events.
  • General Defines the color for the data source.
  • Summary Displays a summary of the selections for the newly defined data source

The first screen of the wizard defines the data source type. Select the type of tracking event: Open-Up or Click-Through. Or, select one of the three "Sent Messages and Bounce Count Statistics" options to be the data source type.

Figure 59 Data Sources

Data source screen shot

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