L-Soft Europe: Who We Are and What We Can Offer

Founded in 1994 and still owned by Eric Thomas, the inventor of LISTSERV, L-Soft is a pioneer in email list technology and provides both software and cloud hosting services for email list management and email marketing. Today, thousands of customers worldwide rely on L-Soft's solutions to manage their email newsletters, discussion groups, email communities and opt-in email marketing campaigns.

L-Soft has offices in Stockholm, Sweden; Bethesda, Maryland; London, UK; and Erlangen, Germany.

What We Can Offer

L-Soft can offer exceptional opportunities to creative and motivated employees. You will have to work well in a team but also on your own. If you do well, you may find yourself in charge of important projects just a few months after your arrival. L-Soft believes in quickly promoting efficient, motivated people who are able to see projects to completion without assistance.

L-Soft provides many of the same challenges of a large, established corporation, but within the framework of a small company with an entrepreneurial culture. We are facing the same issues but on a smaller scale, which means that your potential role and involvement is much more significant than in a large corporation.

The atmosphere at L-Soft is relaxed, and you won't find many people wearing suits and ties, but we are professional, focused and down-to-earth. We are open to creative and even daring proposals, but everything has to make sound business sense, both in the short and long term.

L-Soft in Europe

L-Soft is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. However, the largest office is located in Bethesda, Maryland, in the United States. This is where most of the company's employees work, although we have telecommuters from other parts of the United States as well. The U.S. company, L-Soft international, Inc., was incorporated in 1994.

The Stockholm office is the company's first European office and opened in 1999. L-Soft Sweden AB takes care of the customers in Continental Europe, Africa and Asia. L-Soft UK Ltd. was incorporated in 2001 in order to serve customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. L-Soft Germany GmbH is a product development office.

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