Learn LISTSERV Maestro

Learn LISTSERV Maestro

Welcome to the "Learn LISTSERV Maestro" hub. Here you will find helpful video tutorials about engaging your audiences with the LISTSERV Maestro email marketing platform. The goal of these tutorials is to help you get better at managing email marketing campaigns and to avoid common mistakes.

Engage Your Audiences with LISTSERV Maestro


Video Tutorials: Tracking, Reporting and Analytics

What is the difference between the three tracking types in LISTSERV Maestro?

How can I get a quick overview of the performance of my email campaigns?

How do I compare the performance of multiple email campaigns?

How can I get performance metrics for all of my email campaigns over time?

How do I get a report showing the growth of my email lists over time?

How can I track the activity on my website after my subscribers have clicked through to it?

How can I track how many of my subscribers shared my content on social media?

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