LISTSERV® Email Marketing Solutions

With L-Soft's email marketing solutions, you can manage and track all types of opt-in email marketing campaigns, ranging from email newsletters and small-scale promotions to large-scale enterprise campaigns. You can harness intelligence from your databases to finely target and customize your messages to each recipient's preferences. Real-time analytics enable you to gauge your subscriber reactions and make adjustments for better results.

Email Marketing Options

LISTSERV Maestro is the licensed email marketing option and allows you to install and run the software in-house, with total control over the email marketing system and your subscriber database.

ListPlex Maestro is the hosted email marketing option and can manage both discussion groups and email outreach campaigns on one central platform. Your campaigns are run and your email is delivered from a dedicated virtual machine.

Why LISTSERV Maestro?

Manage Complex Email Campaigns with Ease

  • Run simultaneous, data-driven campaigns from one easy-to-use interface
  • Assess how well your campaigns are performing with real-time analytics
  • Analyze opens, clicks and conversions to measure the impact of your communications
Manage Complex Email Campaigns with Ease

Track Long-Term Growth

  • Keep track of the progress of your campaigns over time
  • Receive automatically generated charts and reports
  • Review daily subscriber reports and analyze the growth of your subscriber lists
Track Long-Term Growth

Optimize Your Messaging with Subscriber Data

  • Get detailed demographic breakdowns of your subscriber base
  • Send targeted messages to different categories of subscribers
  • Trigger follow-up messages to subscribers based on previous responses
Optimize Your Messaging with Subscriber Data

Select from Multiple Tracking Levels

  • Choose exactly what to track, including opens, clicks, conversions and social media shares
  • Decide how much personally identifiable information to collect
  • Use the built-in system to obtain permission for personal tracking from subscribers
Select from Multiple Tracking Levels

Take Advantage of the Step-by-Step Delivery Guide

  • Ensure accurate targeting and delivery by following clear steps for every mail job
  • Send test messages to yourself and your team before delivery for quality control
  • Schedule mail jobs for delivery at any date and time in any time zone
Take Advantage of the Step-by-Step Delivery Guide

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