L-Soft Direct: Buy or Renew at Reseller Prices

Through L-Soft Direct, anyone can purchase L-Soft products or services on the same commercial terms as authorized resellers, but without having to sign a reseller agreement or to make a purchase commitment. You will receive an automatic L-Soft Direct reseller discount based on your purchase volume and, in most cases, an L-Soft Direct perk, replacing reseller perks that would be of no use to a customer.

We will gladly answer questions about pricing or upgrade options, as well as technical product questions. But we cannot give you a free technical consultation, fill out bid questionnaires, take you out to lunch, or provide the full range of services that our resellers fund out of their reseller discount.

We have no sales quotas at L-Soft Direct. Once the transaction is complete, you will not hear from us until it is time to renew your maintenance. You are welcome to ask for the same person the next time you call, but nobody will "own" your account.

Contact L-Soft Direct

To place your order, write to: orders@lsoftdirect.com or call us at 1-800-590-9628 from the United States or Canada, or +46-8-50709900 from the rest of the world.

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The products and services you buy from L-Soft Direct are identical to those you may buy from L-Soft's regular sales channel. Other authorized resellers may offer additional services, such as documentation in other languages.

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