Le Sac LISTSERV® Photo Sharing

As more of the "Le Sac LISTSERV" tote bags have been mailed out to LISTSERV friends around the world, L-Soft is launching a fun, interactive photo sharing activity for the LISTSERV community.


The concept is simple. Take photos of the tote bag in interesting locations around the world and email us the pictures to share on the "Where is Le Sac LISTSERV?" site. The tote bag could be featured near famous buildings and landmarks or in fun, humorous situations. The possibilities are endless, and creativity is encouraged.



In order to maintain consistency in the photos and to keep the activity fun and engaging, a few simple, commonsense guidelines are in order:

  • Please make the tote bag the focus of the pictures, and don't include yourself, your friends or any identifiable people, including strangers, in the photos
  • Only take photos in safe, permitted places or on public property
  • Do not send other people's photos. Only submit pictures that you have taken yourself
  • Do not submit photos that infringe on any copyrights or include any registered trademarks in the picture
  • When submitting photos, please include your name, the place where the photo was taken and a suggested name for the photo
  • By submitting photos, you give L-Soft permission to publish the pictures free of charge in the "Where is Le Sac LISTSERV?" photo gallery, on L-Soft's website and other L-Soft related pages and publications (including L-Soft's Facebook page, LISTSERV at Work newsletter, L-Soft email lists, etc.)
  • By submitting photos, you give L-Soft the permission to crop and edit the pictures and to change their names, if needed
  • L-Soft will publish the photo with the name of the photographer, unless you prefer to be anonymous
  • L-Soft will publish photos at its discretion and may leave some pictures unpublished (due to unsuitable content, photo quality, copyright or trademark issues, etc.)
  • L-Soft will remove photos from the gallery if asked by the photographer or if required by law

To participate, submit your photos by email to: editor@lsoft.com. Remember to include your name, the place where the photo was taken and a suggested name for the photo. L-Soft will give you credit for the photo unless you make a notation that you prefer to be anonymous. If you are submitting multiple photos, only include one photo per email.

Have fun! We look forward to receiving your photo submissions featuring Le Sac LISTSERV.

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