New in LISTSERV Maestro 3.3

Note: LISTSERV Maestro 3.3 is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV Maestro 8.1.

LISTSERV Maestro 3.3 Highlights

Dashboard Reports
LISTSERV Maestro allows you to add your key tracking reports to the dashboard, giving you immediate access to real-time email reports and analytics directly on the campaign dashboard.

Job Comparison Reports
The job comparison reports enable you to dynamically compare the tracking events for two or more jobs, allowing you to quickly and easily assess the success of multiple campaigns or A/B splits.

Download Reports as PDF
Most LISTSERV Maestro reports can now be downloaded as PDF documents, making it easier to share reports with colleagues and supervisors.

Preview HTML with Blocked Images
It is now possible to preview HTML messages in a state that simulates an email client that has blocked the images. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that your messages remain effective in such situations.

Improved Tracking Reports
The improvements to the tracking reports include additional quick report settings, interactive event distribution reports and the ability to reorder data sources.

Welcome and Farewell Messages
For each dataset or hosted list, you can now individually define optional welcome and farewell email messages, which are sent to users when they subscribe or unsubscribe.

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