New in LISTSERV Maestro 2.1

Note: LISTSERV Maestro 2.1 is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV Maestro 8.1.

LISTSERV Maestro 2.1 Highlights

Customization Wizard
The customization wizard makes it possible to completely customize all subscriber pages and email messages, which can enhance the subscriber experience, allowing companies and organizations to better convey their brand identity and key messages.

Resource Translation Tool
The Resource Translation Tool is a separate application that makes it easy to make global changes in English or to translate all of the subscriber, user or administration pages into another language.

DomainKeys Signing
LISTSERV Maestro now allows you to use DomainKeys signatures to authenticate that messages indeed originate from the domain in the "From:" address. Some major ISPs already check every incoming mail to see if it is signed with a valid DomainKeys signature.

Dataset Administration Flexibility
Dataset administration improvements include the ability to make modifications to live, populated datasets, such as changing, adding and removing data fields or hiding certain data fields from subscribers.

Shared Subscriber Management
Team collaboration is now available for datasets. This allows the data administrator to designate team members who are allowed to add, delete, modify or browse subscribers and their data.

Improved Administrator Account
The administrator account has been improved to make it easier to oversee jobs and reports owned by other owners or to reassign jobs that were orphaned when an owner account was deleted.

Tracking Links in Drop-Ins
Links that are included in drop-in content, which is inserted into email messages at the time of delivery, can now be fully tracked.

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