Section 1

Section 2
The Maestro Interface

Section 3
Defining a Job

Section 4
Defining Recipients

Section 5
Defining Content

Section 6
Defining Tracking

Section 7
Sender and Delivery Options

Section 8

Section 9
Delivered Jobs

Section 10
Reporting and Statistics

Section 11
User Settings

Appendix A
24 Hour Clock

Appendix B
International Character Sets

Section 1
Introduction to LISTSERV® Maestro

Designed specifically to work with LISTSERV® 1.8e (or later) and LSMTP® 1.1b (or later), LISTSERV® Maestro allows users to easily create and send personalized e-mail messages using a Web interface. Incorporated into this powerful tool is a tracking component that can collect data every time a recipient opens an e-mail message or clicks on a URL contained within the message. LISTSERV® Maestro can:

  • Define a targeted group of recipients based on a LISTSERV® list, database fields, or a text file.
  • Define an e-mail message in plain text, HTML, or both.
  • Attach files to an e-mail message.
  • Delegate various tasks related to the creation and delivery of e-mail messages to Maestro defined team members.
  • Schedule e-mail messages for delivery on any date and time within any time zone.
  • Save messages, sender, and recipient information for future e-mail jobs.
  • Test e-mail messages before delivery.
  • Define the types of data to track.
  • Track when recipients open a message.
  • Track when recipients click on URLs contained within a message.
  • Produce different types of tracking reports from tracking data.
  • Download tracking data and import into Microsoft® Excel.

1.1 System Requirements

LISTSERV® Maestro needs to be installed on a server and configured by a system administrator. However, LISTSERV® Maestro does not have to reside on the same server as LISTSERV® and LSMTP®. The administrator will set up user accounts, create account groups if desired, (groups are optional and not required to access the program) and initial passwords for all individuals who need access to the program.

To access LISTSERV® Maestro, administrators and account holders must use Microsoft® Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher operating on a Windows platform. Internet Explorer operating in a non-Windows environment and other browser programs may not be fully compatible with this version release. Microsoft® Virtual Machine must also be installed in order to upload some types of files to the server.

It is important to note that recipients of messages being tracked by LISTSERV® Maestro may use whatever browser they wish to access the Web links in the e-mail message. Tracking will occur no matter which browser is used by e-mail recipients.

1.2 Accessing Maestro

Once the system administrator has installed the program and created user accounts, set Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher) to http://Your_Maestro_Host/lui. A user name and password are required in order to login and access the program. If an account is a member of a group, the group name will also be required at login.

Figure 1 LISTSERV® Maestro Login Screen

screen capture of Maestro Login screen

Enter user name, password and group (if required), and then click the Login button. User names and groups are not case sensitive. Passwords are case sensitive, and must have a minimum of five characters.