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L-Soft Updates LISTSERV Products
Report: Subscriber Survey Results
L-Soft Interviews Gilles Frydman

L-Soft Presents Product Update Lists
Email Viruses Increase in 2004
Three LISTSERV Choice Awards Presented

L-Soft Updates LISTSERV Products

L-Soft Updates LISTSERV Products

L-Soft announced the release of LISTSERV 14.3 and LISTSERV Maestro 2.0, new versions of the company's email list management and email marketing software. New features include improved spam control, better customization options and a new recipient warehouse for easier creation of recipient target groups.

Customers with valid maintenance and support can upgrade to the new versions free of charge. A special promotion is available for customers who do not have maintenance but wish to upgrade. Customers can contact their sales representatives for details.

Report: Subscriber Survey Results

In the last issue of LISTSERV at Work, we asked you to fill out a newsletter survey. Many of you took the time to tell us what you think about our newsletter.


Here are the highlights of the survey results and what changes and improvements you can expect in the newsletter for 2005.

L-Soft Interviews:
Gilles Frydman, President of ACOR

The Association of Cancer Online Resources has the largest collection of cancer-related mailing lists on the Internet. The ACOR lists are a group of free, unmoderated discussion lists for patients, family, friends, researchers, and physicians, to discuss clinical and non-clinical issues and advances pertaining to all forms of cancer.

Tech Tip

Q: How can a site manager control the lists that are shown in Subscriber's Corner when a user selects "Show all lists"?

Answer by Françoise Becker
VP of Software Engineering, L-Soft

In LISTSERV 14.3, there is a new Web template, VISIBLE-LISTS, which allows the site manager to define the lists that will be shown in Subscriber's Corner.

By default, the Subscriber's Corner will display the non-confidential lists. These are the same lists that are shown on the Server Archives page, with the "Confidential=" keyword set to "No" or "Service".

To submit questions for future issues of the newsletter, please contact

Tech Tip

Q: How can I send members of my data warehouse Happy Birthday Greetings on their actual birthdays?

Answer by Johannes Hubert
Senior Applications Programmer, L-Soft

Follow these steps to create a birthday greeting using a hosted recipient list and target group in LISTSERV Maestro 2.0.

1. Create a hosted recipient list with the profile fields you require, including one field for birthday. For this example, the field is called "DOB".

To submit questions for future issues of the newsletter, please contact

Success Story:
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Email can be a powerful outreach tool for museums and other public institutions. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, employs monthly HTML newsletters to members pulled from an SQL database. At present, the museum is sending approximately 25,000 email messages on the first of each month and report a 30 percent open-up rate and 15-20 percent click-through rate.

L-Soft Presents Product Update Lists

L-Soft would like to strongly recommend all customers to subscribe to L-Soft's new product update lists. By subscribing, customers and users will receive the latest information about new versions, level sets, patches and updates by email. Since the lists are divided by product, subscribers will only receive information that is relevant.

L-Soft's Opt-in Email Lists

Email Viruses Increase in 2004

Ever since 2002, L-Soft has bundled anti-virus protection with its email list software through a strategic partnership with F-Secure. This historic alliance has proven to be more and more valuable with every passing year. Indeed, the year 2004 marked the first time that the number of known viruses passed the 100,000 mark.

L-Soft Thanks Loyal Customers
with Free Software Licenses

L-Soft today announced that it will award free LISTSERV Maestro licenses to its 100 oldest and most loyal LISTSERV customers as a culmination of its 10-year anniversary celebration.

RedIRIS Wins Announcement List,
Technical Innovation Awards

Ofer-Trabec, an email announcement list that keeps people informed about employment opportunities in academia and public administration, won the Announcement List category of L-Soft's LISTSERV Choice Awards.

Ofer-Trabec is hosted by RedIRIS, the Spanish National Research Network that connects 250 universities and scientific research centers.

LISTSERV Choice Awards

RedIRIS was also awarded the Technical Innovation Award. The jury was impressed with the translation and customization of the LISTSERV Web interface as well as the attention to detail throughout the site.

Stockholm International Fairs
Wins Email Marketing Award

Stockholm International Fairs, the leading trade show organizer in Scandinavia, won
the Email Marketing Award for its outstanding opt-in email marketing campaigns.

Stockholm International Fairs

The company uses LISTSERV Maestro as a tool to carry out communication with exhibitors, attendees and the press. The software enables 20 different project coordinators to create and track individual campaigns using several HTML templates. Visitors avoid long lines by registering early online and money is saved because email is the primary means for communication.

LISTSERV Choice Awards Winners

Educational List Award:

Newsletter Award:

Philanthropic List Award:

Email Community Award:

Announcement List Award:

Technical Innovation Award:

E-Mail Marketing Award:
Stockholm International Fairs

Upcoming Events

L-Soft's Training & Consulting Group will host LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro training sessions at the company's Landover, MD, offices April 4-8, 2005.

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