Section 1

Section 2
Configuring for First Use

Section 3
Changing Admin Password

Section 4
Creating Accounts

Section 5
Global Component Settings

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Section 7
Log Files

Section 8
User Interface Settings

8.1 Preparing LISTSERV

8.2 Default Tracking URL

Section 9
Database Connections

Section 10
Non-Standard Ports

Section 11

Section 12

Section 13
Tracking and Recipient Profiles

Section 14
Editing INI Files

Section 15
Distributed Components

Section 16
User Interface Branding

Section 17
Evaluation Mode

Section 18
International Character Sets

Appendix A
Standard Default Ports

8.1 Default LISTSERV Connection for Maestro User Interface

LISTSERV Maestro distributes the e-mail jobs that are prepared in the Maestro User Interface using an instance of LISTSERV. To do this, the Maestro User Interface sends a "distribute job" to LISTSERV. This "distribute job" is a sequence of commands to LISTSERV defining the actual e-mail that will be delivered (including recipients and sender information) as well information about how to distribute it.

To avoid misusing LISTSERV for spamming and other unethical purposes, LISTSERV normally does not accept "distribute" commands from everyone. LISTSERV accept this command only if the "distribute job" is sent from an account (email address) that is configured in LISTSERV to have the right to DISTRIBUTE jobs. As a result, the address that is given as the "LISTSERV Client Address", and which will serve as the sender address of the "distribute job" must have the DISTRIBUTE right granted in LISTSERV (not LISTSERV Maestro).

In LISTSERV Maestro (in the Administration Hub), this password must be given in the "LISTSERV Client Password" field. Prepare LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro for sending e-mail jobs as follows:

1. In LISTSERV, configure an e-mail address to have the DISTRIBUTE right. The e-mail address must be defined in LISTSERV's Site Configuration file under either of the following parameters:

  • DIST_ALLOWED_USERS: this parameter confers only the right to send distribute jobs and is the recommended one to use.
  • POSTMASTER: this parameter confers full LISTSERV site administration rights to the e-mail address, which includes the right to send distribute jobs. So, it is possible to use the e-mail address and password of one of the LISTSERV site administrators, but L-Soft recommends setting up a special address for LISTSERV Maestro instead.

2. In LISTSERV, configure a password for this e-mail address. There are two ways to do this:

  • Send an e-mail message to LISTSERV from that e-mail address with the command "PW REP newpassword" where newpassword represents the password desired. LISTSERV will send a confirmation message. That confirmation message must be replied to with another message saying "OK" or by visiting the URL provided in the confirmation message.
  • Send an e-mail to LISTSERV from the site administrator's address (one defined as "POSTMASTER" in the Site Configuration file), containing the command "PWC ADD email newpassword PW=createpw" where email is the e-mail address being used for the LISTSERV Maestro jobs, newpassword is the password being assigned to that e-mail address, and createpw is the password defined in the Site Configuration file as the "CREATEPW".

3. In the Administration Hub, use the e-mail address as the "LISTSERV Client Address" and the password as the "LISTSERV Client Password".