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L-Soft Announces Release of LISTSERV Maestro 1.2

L-Soft has released LISTSERV® Maestro 1.2, an upgraded version of the sophisticated e-mail marketing software that manages and tracks opt-in e-mail campaigns. LISTSERV Maestro is uniquely capable of integrating with an organization's existing databases. New database integration features simplify the creation of targeted recipient lists by cutting the process down to a few simple clicks. In addition, LISTSERV Maestro includes F-Secure Anti-Virus protection, a crucial functionality that protects e-mail recipients from harmful viruses.
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About LISTSERV Maestro
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Tech Tip

Q. How can I send a "follow-up" message to addresses that logged a temporary bounce on a previous LISTSERV Maestro job?

Answer by Beth Stinson
Technical Writer, Software Development, L-Soft

Delivered Jobs now includes information on bounces. It is possible to update a bounce count for a job and to view a bar chart that displays the number and reason for bounces. From this chart, you can download the addresses that bounced along with the reason for the bounce. With this information, you can then assemble a list of addresses that bounced for temporary reasons and create a new job using those addresses. Here are the steps:

1. Click on the Delivered Jobs icon and choose the job that you want to follow up on.
2. From the Summary tab, click on the Update Bounces Count link to ensure that you have the latest bounce information.
3. Click on the View Bounce Details link.

The Bounce Details report will open. It is comprised of color-coded bars that represent the number and type of bounces. The top bar displays the total number of all bounces. The bars below represent the total number of bounces divided into different bounce types or "reasons."

Bounce types are based on RFC error codes that define the characteristics of why the message bounced. The codes are documented in RFC 821 "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol", RFC 1893 "Enhanced Mail System Status Codes" and RFC 1894 "An Extensible Message Format for Delivery Status Notifications". For more information on RFCs, see

4. Check the box adjacent to each bar to select it for download. Check only those boxes that you want to include for the follow up message.
5. Use the drop-down menu to select whether to download just the e-mail addresses or to also include the delivery failure information (this can be merged into the follow-up message if desired).
6. Click the Download button and save the downloaded file (it is "zipped") to a local drive.
7. Unzip the file. The file is plain text that lists the addresses, one per line. Save the unzipped file to a local drive.
8. Start a new job in LISTSERV Maestro. Use the unzipped text file of bounced addresses as the source for the recipients for this follow-up job. Proceed with the other steps and send your "follow-up" job.

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Gabriela Linares, L-Soft Vice President of Marketing, gave a presentation titled, HTML vs. Text at a panel organized by the DC Web Women on June 17, 2003, in Washington, DC.

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Events: L-Soft Training Seminars

L-Soft will hold a variety of LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro training sessions at its Landover, MD, offices October 27-31, 2003. Attendees will learn how to effectively administer LISTSERV servers, manage and configure LISTSERV lists, create e-mail jobs, track responses and create reports. L-Soft's qualified training team will teach the half-day sessions at a cost of $400. Early-bird and incremental discounts are available. The LISTSERV Maestro session, offered at 2 p.m. October 29, is free of charge.

L-Soft Interviews: Ken Magill, iMarketing News Editor

L-Soft interviews Ken Magill, iMarketing News Editor. Ken talks about the problem of spam, government regulation and the role that the DMA should take concerning spam and other e-mail marketing issues.

Success Story: FORREX

FORREX (Forest Research Extension Partnership) is dedicated to promoting healthy and sustainable ecosystems in British Columbia through research and outreach efforts. The organization's goals are to spread innovative ideas in the area of ecosystem management and to foster partnerships between natural resource users, researchers and those with experiential and indigenous knowledge.

In 2001, the organization incorporated LISTSERV into its communication platform. The software, which has enabled FORREX to maintain regular contact with staff, partners and clients, allows subscribers to customize their participation. Users can subscribe to topic-based lists containing information most relevant to their area of interest.

Success Story: Stockholm International Fairs

Stockholm International Fairs, a leading exhibition center in Scandinavia, introduced LISTSERV Maestro to enhance exhibitor and visitor communication. Marketing employees can manage campaigns via LISTSERV Maestro's Web interface easily and efficiently.

"LISTSERV Maestro's response tracking provides us unique information. With the help of this information, we are able to analyze our campaigns and develop them further," said Kinna Jonsson, project manager at Stockholm International Fairs. "We already see results in cost savings and an increased number of pre-registrations."

To browse more client success stories, visit L-Soft's case study page. If you or your company would like to be featured as an L-Soft success story, please contact

News Briefs

A wave of harmful viruses such as Sobig.F and Blaster have kept LISTSERV's integrated F-Secure Anti-Virus feature busy. During the month of August, more than 108,000 messages containing viruses were stopped on one of L-Soft's hosting servers, preventing the spread of 2.6 billion virus-infected outbound messages. L-Soft offers virus protection on all LISTSERV Classic and HPO platforms. For more information visit:

L-Soft's e-mail marketing white paper, "Successful E-Mail Marketing Practices," won the top award for Excellence in Services from Bitpipe, Inc. It consistently placed on Bitpipe's Top 50 downloads and the Infoweek Top 10 Daily Reports.

L-Soft would like to announce the launch of the Resource Center, a one-stop repository of information about L-Soft's products and services. The page includes product fact sheets, white papers, documentation, technical support links and corporate news. The page can be reached at:

L-Soft in the Press

Anti-Spam Program Raises Backfire Fears
InformationWeek June 5, 2003
By Anick Jesdanun

How to Market with E-Mail
Target MarketPlace June 2003
By Gabriela Linares

Quote of the Issue

"Sobig finally convinced the rest of the management team it was time to upgrade to LISTSERV 1.8e. I installed it and the anti-virus software. It works like a charm."

Glenn Darwin,
Information Technology Manager,
National Corvette Museum

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