Table of Contents

Section 1 Introduction to LISTSERV® Maestro Administration

Section 2 Configuring LISTSERV® Maestro for First Use

Section 3 Changing the Administrator Password

Section 4 Creating and Administering User Accounts

Section 5 Global Component Settings

Section 6  Saving and Restoring a Backup

Section 7 Maestro Logs

Section 8 Settings for Maestro User Interface

Section 9 Database Connection

Section 10 Using Non-Standard Ports

Section 11 Installing Behind a Firewall

Section 12 Securing Access With SSL

Section 13 Tracking and Recipient Profiles

Section 14 Editing LISTSERV® Maestro INI Files

Section 15 Distributed Components

Section 16 User Interface Branding

Section 17 Using International Character Sets

Appendix A LISTSERV® Maestro Standard Default Ports