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LISTSERV Celebrates 20 Years
LISTSERV 20th Anniversary Offer
HDMail Boosts Email Deliverability

History of LISTSERV
Q & A with Eric Thomas, L-Soft CEO
Breastfeeding Community Wins Award

LISTSERV Celebrates 20 Years

LISTSERV Celebrates 20 Years

We invite you to share your stories, experiences and wishes on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of LISTSERV®, the product that launched the email list communications industry. All messages will be reviewed by an editor prior to posting and will be available for viewing on L-Soft's public Website.

LISTSERV 20th Anniversary Offer:
20 Free LISTSERV Maestro licenses

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of LISTSERV, L-Soft will provide free perpetual licenses for its premium email marketing software, LISTSERV Maestro, to the first 20 eligible organizations that apply for this special offer. LISTSERV Maestro provides advanced tracking and reporting features and allows you to take your communication initiatives, for example your customer newsletters, to a new level.

HDMail Boosts Email Deliverability

HDMail is L-Soft's high deliverability mailer, providing reliability, performance and deliverability in today's fast-changing email landscape. This turnkey solution can maximize your delivery rate while streamlining and simplifying your email operations. Book your demo now, as great promotional offers – up to 50 percent off normal prices – are available until the end of August 2006.

Tech Tip

Q: How Can I Avoid Spam on My Discussion Lists?

Answer by Jacob Haller
Senior Customer Support Engineer, L-Soft

Many owners of discussion mailing lists have encountered the problem of unsolicited bulk email (spam) at one time or another.

This Tech Tip describes several options available to list owners for controlling spam and protecting the email addresses of their subscribers. These options include: how to keep spam from being distributed to a discussion list, how to prevent spammers from harvesting addresses from a mailing list, and how to keep your mailing list from being abused.

Tech Tip

Q: When sending a LISTSERV Maestro mailing to a regular LISTSERV list, only blind tracking is possible. How can I get the richer set of tracking options and still get the benefits of a LISTSERV list, such as archives?

Answer by Françoise Becker
VP Software Engineering, L-Soft

There are several possible solutions, depending on which tracking features and which LISTSERV list features are desired. Three of these solutions are described below:

  • Use a LISTSERV list with Mail-Merge=Yes
  • Use a Maestro Hosted LISTSERV List (HLL)
  • Use a Maestro Hosted Recipient List (HRL) to which a LISTSERV list is subscribed for archival purposes only.

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History of LISTSERV

History of LISTSERV

1986 ... The story of LISTSERV began in Paris, France, when a young engineering student, Eric Thomas, wrote the first version of LISTSERV. LISTSERV was the first email list management software product of its kind. Before its invention, all email lists had to be administered manually.

Q & A with Eric Thomas,
L-Soft Founder and CEO

Eric Thomas, L-Soft Founder and CEO

L-Soft Founder and CEO Eric Thomas, who began the email list communication industry in 1986 with the invention of LISTSERV, shares his reflections, visions and musings.

Breastfeeding Support Community
Wins LISTSERV Innovation Award

L-Soft has selected Lactnet to receive the LISTSERV Innovation Award in the 2005-06 LISTSERV Choice Awards Program. For the past 11 years, Lactnet has used LISTSERV to promote maternal-child health by creating an international community of breastfeeding educators

LISTSERV Innovation Award

who actively exchange their at-the-ready knowledge and expertise. The list has approximately 3,500 subscribers from 38 countries on all continents except for Antarctica.

LISTSERV Nominated for
Swedish Golden Mouse IT Award

LISTSERV is one of three nominees for "IT Product of the Year" in the 10th annual Golden Mouse Awards (Guldmusen), the most prestigious IT recognition program in Sweden.

The "IT Product of the Year" is awarded to a product that is technologically advanced, has reached market success and received attention beyond Swedish borders. The winner will be selected in September by a jury consisting of members of the IT press, industry organizations and the Swedish Trade Council.

Deliverability Assessment in LISTSERV

LISTSERV 14.5 offers help with email authentication standards, both IP based and cryptographic. This help is available via LISTSERV's Deliverability Assessment. The analysis includes DomainKeys, SPF, Sender ID and DNS registrations. You will get detailed suggestions for improvement, too. The Deliverability Assessment is accessible through LISTSERV web interface.

L-Soft Product Updates

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