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L-Soft Launches New Website
LISTSERV at Work Survey
L-Soft Interviews Pat Letendre

Email Marketing Tips You Cannot Do Without
DorothyL Wins Email Community Award
Success Story: Syracuse University

L-Soft Launches New Website

L-Soft Launches New Website

L-Soft announced this week the launch of the company's new Website. In addition to a new design, the site contains improved navigation and better organization. The goal is to make L-Soft's product materials and resources more easily accessible.

Tech Tip

Q. How Can I Set Up Automatic Checks of LISTSERV Maestro's Operations and Have the Notifications Sent to My Email Address?

Answer by Ben Parker
Chief Corporate Consultant, L-Soft

This can be done by using the Auto-Repeat Job feature of LISTSERV Maestro (Version 1.2-4 and later) to send a daily job to LISTSERV. Along the way, a trackable link and the date and time of the job execution is mail-merged in. In addition, LISTSERV replies to several informational commands. The fact that this mail-merging and command/response testing succeeds and the message is successfully delivered to you is an indication that all six component parts of the LISTSERV Maestro system are running correctly.

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LISTSERV at Work Survey

Help us make the newsletter better! Fill out this survey and receive an L-Soft CD/DVD opener and the chance to win a $100 gift certificate at

The survey takes approximately 3 minutes to complete. It is time well spent since you get the opportunity to tell us what is good and bad with "LISTSERV at Work" and what you would like the newsletter to cover. You can participate anonymously if you wish.

L-Soft Interviews Industry Expert

L-Soft interviews Pat Letendre.

She is the founder and list owner of MEDLAB-L, the largest English-language mailing list for medical laboratory professionals with over 2400 members in 50 countries.

News Briefs

Email Lists Build Virtual Street Corners
September 23, 2004

LISTSERV® Makers Win Deloitte Fast 50 Award for the Fourth Time
October 12, 2004


L-Soft's Training & Consulting Group will host LISTSERV and LISTSERV Maestro training sessions at the company's Landover, MD, offices April 4-8, 2005.

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Quote of the Issue

"I like working with L-Soft's software – for what it does, it is economical and effective. And despite the available complexity, most people seem to be able to use it, both as list members and owners."

Nelson R. Pardee
Computing & Media Services
Syracuse University

Email Marketing Tips You Cannot Do Without

Email Marketing Tips You Cannot Do Without

Opt-in email marketing campaigns have proven to be one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing strategies on the Internet but only if the execution is right. L-Soft UK Director, Rachel Kittridge, offers ten tips for better email marketing.

L-Soft to Recognize Top E-Mail Lists

L-Soft's 10th Anniversary LISTSERV Choice Awards winners so far include:

Educational List Award:

Newsletter Award:

Philanthropic List Award:

Email Community Award:

DorothyL Wins Email Community Award

DorothyL stood out as the winner of the Email Community Award.

It is an e-conference list of more than 3,000 lovers of the mystery literature genre. Its high functionality connects enthusiastic and devoted subscribers such as readers, writers, would-be writers, librarians, editors, publishers, booksellers and collectors on the Internet.


DorothyL was created by a pair of women librarians at a July 1991 meeting in Washington, DC, of the Association of Research Libraries and was named in honor of one of the great women mystery writers of the century. Agatha Christie and Josephine Tey were strong contenders, but Dorothy L. Sayers had a LISTSERV-blessed middle initial.

Call for LISTSERV Lists

Call for great LISTSERV email lists continue. The next category is the Email Marketing Award. This award recognizes excellent email marketing messaging. All types of opt-in email marketing lists and campaigns are eligible. Nominate your favorite permission-based email promotions, offers, e-coupons or related campaigns by November 10, 2004.

Success Story: Syracuse University

One of the core tenets of the official vision of Syracuse University is to be a leading student-centered research university with faculty, students, and staff sharing responsibility and working together for academic, professional and personal growth.

In 1987, when LISTSERV itself was only a year old, Syracuse installed their first copy of the email list management software on an IBM 3090 computer running the VM operating system. At the time no one realized that online communities would become so widespread. LISTSERV proved to be an unanticipated benefit in that regard.

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