Please note carefully that LISTSERV Lite does not support the virus scan feature.  

Requirements to be able to run the AV scan feature are as follows:

  • LISTSERV Classic or LISTSERV Classic HPO running under Windows 2008/2012/2016 Server (R2 versions are also supported) or a current distribution of Linux.

  • If you have a perpetual (non-expiring) Product LAK for LISTSERV, a paid Maintenance LAK is also required to enable the AV scan feature.  (Maintenance for sites with non-perpetual LAKs expires when the Product LAK expires.)

  • You must obtain an FSAV key from your Sales Representative before installation.  (Normally this key is supplied along with your LAK(s).)

  • A copy of FSAV in a version approved by L-Soft for use with LISTSERV (see #1, above).

Also see:  F-Secure install documentation