Last updated 12 Nov 2018

LISTSERV has for many years and versions included an Anti-Virus Scanning feature for messages passing through the server.  This is a value-added enhancement which requires a current (unexpired) maintenance agreement with L-Soft, and a copy of F-Secure Anti-Virus.  At this writing the feature is only available for Windows 2008/2012/2016 (including R2) and Linux (RHEL/CentOS 6 and later, and similar distributions) running LISTSERV Classic or LISTSERV Classic HPO.

(Other OS platforms are supported through the LISTSERV AVS. There is no intent to make this functionality available in the Lite version of the product.)

Versions of F-Secure's Server Security and Linux Security previous to the current supported versions found on F-Secure's download site are obsolete and should not be used with LISTSERV.

We have removed all FAQ questions relevant to earlier versions from this version of the FAQ.

L-Soft's regular support addresses are reserved for LISTSERV maintainers' use only. List owners should use alternate avenues (some listed below), and may not write directly to L-Soft for help.

NOTE:  The links to F-Secure's website in this document were correct as of the last update of this document.  L-Soft does not control F-Secure's website and cannot be responsible for outdated links to it.  We will be happy to update this document with corrected links if broken links are reported.  Thank you!

L-Soft's F-Secure install documentation

L-Soft's file download site (currently-certified FSAV versions available here)

F-Secure Web Site

Downloads and Hotfixes for F-Secure Server Security Standard

Downloads and Hotfixes for F-Secure Linux Security

Here we have tried to compile a list of the most frequently-asked questions that LISTSERV maintainers ask about F-Secure AntiVirus (FSAV) products.