Interface Customization Manual
Section 1 Why Should I Customize LISTSERV Maestro?
Section 2 Customizing the Subscriber Interface
Section 3 User Interface Branding
Section 4 Using the Resource Translation Tool
    4.1 Requirements
    4.2 Translating
    4.2.1 Navigating the Resources Tree
    4.2.2 Key/Value Entries
    4.2.3 HTML Code
    4.2.4 Word Replacement
    4.2.5 Date and Time Formats
    4.3 Installing a Translated Language
    4.4 Importing a Translated Language from a Previous Version
    4.5 Using a Translated Language
    4.5.1 Choosing a Language for the Administration HUB and User Interface
    4.5.2 Choosing the Language for the Subscriber Interface
Appendix A: Custom Styles and HTML Tags
Appendix B: The Default Style Sheet
Appendix C: A Quick Reference Guide for the Customization Wizard
Appendix D: Languages Supported for Translation