Interface Customization Manual
Section 1 Why Should I Customize LISTSERV Maestro?
Section 2 Customizing the Subscriber Interface
    2.1 Accessing the Customization Wizard
    2.2 Using the Membership Area Layout Tab
    2.3 Using the Customize Page Layout Screen
    2.4 Editing Templates and Pages
    2.4.1 The Membership Area Header/Footer Template
    2.4.2 The Membership Area Page
    2.5 Editing Subscriber Notification Emails
    2.6 Editing Informational and Error Messages
    2.7 Placeholders
    2.8 Setting the Default for Data Fields
Section 3 User Interface Branding
Section 4 Using the Resource Translation Tool
Appendix A: Custom Styles and HTML Tags
Appendix B: The Default Style Sheet
Appendix C: A Quick Reference Guide for the Customization Wizard
Appendix D: Languages Supported for Translation