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Issue 3, 2010


Spotlight on LISTSERV 16.0 Benefits

Take a quick glance at the chart showing a sampling of major new features introduced with each new version of LISTSERV in recent years. Many customers are making the most of L-Soft's latest version, LISTSERV 16.0, and they have been experiencing great results and even better usability and flexibility since they upgraded. Not yet running LISTSERV 16.0? Be sure to check out the "Sweet 16" features available only in the current software version, and start enjoying the benefits you have been missing by upgrading to LISTSERV 16.0 today. As a special offer, customers who purchase a LISTSERV 16.0 version upgrade before the end of 2010 will get three months of maintenance for free.

LISTSERV Features 16.0 15.5 15.0 14.5
HTML Newsletter and Mail Templates Yes      
UTF-8 Support Yes      
Message Scheduling Yes      
Content Analysis Yes      
Newsletter Testing Yes      
Improved Digest Yes      
Full RSS Support Yes Yes    
LDAP Support Yes Yes    
Dynamic Queries Yes Yes    
Spam Feedback Loops Yes Yes    
Server Administrator and List Owner Dashboards Yes Yes Yes  
Site Configuration Wizard Yes Yes Yes  
Personal Preferences Yes Yes Yes  
Improved List Archives Yes Yes Yes  
Deliverability Assessment Yes Yes Yes Yes
DomainKeys Support Yes Yes Yes Yes

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